Single moms and speaking 'little kid' language

I have been caught saying little kids words over the years, although my kids are getting older.  I will say shoozies for shoes, hannies for hands, I will still point out choo-choo trains, and I will still defend forever, even with conclusive evidence against the fact, that Santa Claus did exist.

I still find myself explaining or pointing out things, to these children of mine, things that they must know, and they will say that they know.  My kids aren't babied, they do have responsibilities and have had some small but paying, part time jobs.  But I will still remind them that the oven door is hot, or that knife is sharp, and I get the look and tone that says 'I know, Mom'.

So I figured out that I have spent 17 years with little kids in the house, from a step-daughter Crystal years ago, until my baby reached 7 years old.  This doesn't count the years of 7 and older, only 7 and younger.  So it is no wonder that I still say shoozies for shoes, and point out choo-choo trains, I've been talking this way for 17 years.  I don't know how to stop.

Wave bye bye now!

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