Dads are worth 5%?

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I heard about this study done sometime in the past 10 years, and I have tried to find it online, but no success. But it goes like this:

The first time I heard about this study, it stated that children were lesser likely to get into trouble in a home with two parents as opposed to a single mom home and they had statistics to indicate this. They, the study makers, stated that there was a 40% chance that these single-mom-reared children may get into trouble. Now, I don't know what they based their criteria on, but obviously 40% of our children are not career criminals, so they must be counting drinking before legal or skipping school.  And of course I remember this article because I was annoyed that the media was looking for yet another reason to put down single moms.   Grrr. 

Anyways, a couple years later and I stumble across more of this study, and the percentage of children that may get into trouble in a two parent home is 35%.  That's right . . .


The math is, single mom success rate 60%, two parent success rate 65%! Which again means, that moms are responsible for the 60% and the dads are responsible for the 5%.

So all you single moms out there, you truly are doing the job of two people, and only losing %5 of something in the process. We all deserve gold stars.

I also find it bizarre that the media who likes to cut down single moms is completing forgetting that:
1.  there is a dad somewhere, so why isn't he involved;
2.  the focus is on the single moms, yet totally ignoring the fact that the fathers have walked away;
3.  that these moms are doing what is considered a two person job;
4.  that moms will self sacrifice to raise these children, while men do not.

More here on when I took one of my ex's to court, I wish I could blame drugs or alcohol for choosing him. 

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