Factory ordered kids

Sometimes I look at my three kids and wonder how it is that I am this fortunate in life.  I have one daughter and two sons and I realize that there is nothing I would change about them.   So over the years, I have told them how lucky I was to have them.  That my life with just them and me in it has been the best years of my life.

Once when we were all in the livingroom checking the TV listings, I again was telling them how wonderful they were and how much I loved them, when out of the blue I hear,

"Hey Cam, our favorite movie is on in 5 minutes!"

I stop, and with a smile I say,

"Hey, I was pouring my heart out here."

But I also realized a bigger truth.  They already knew how much I loved them, this wasn't surprising or new, this was comfortable and known.    I couldn't have factory-ordered better kids!

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