Single mom meets age discrimination

I was in the tire shop this morning to get the winter tires on the rims and on the van.  I got up specially early to beat the rush and I was the 2nd one there.  Before me was 1 man, and after me was at least 2 more men.  At 5 minutes to opening at 8:00 am, the 3 men got from their vehicles and waited by the front door.  I did not do this as I am parked right in front of the door, hence from being there so early.

The doors open and all the men get to the counter before me.  I've been here before, lots, and I know the owner Al, so when I get to the counter, I tell him that I was here second, because it is first come first serve.  He tells me, nicely, that it is who gets to the counter first, because he doesn't know what goes on out front the doors before they open.  Oh really?  (I'm starting to get mad here!) There are 7 people in the room, staff and customers, so I repeat, with my hand up, showing 2 fingers like a peace sign, that I was second, in case it matters.  Then I sit.

Not one minute later, the phone rings and the counter guy says to the customer on the phone that it is first come - first serve, to which I say to someone looking at me, that what he really means is, that it is the first to the counter - first served.  Needless to say, I was the first one done this morning.

But this reminds of a worse time at Bob's Country Tire Service, sounds friendly doesn't it?  I made an appointment and because it was so busy, I had to wait two days.  I leave work for my appointment at 11:00 am, but they are behind, of course.  I wait and wait, and talk to a few people I know, and wait some more and it's like 1:00 pm.  What can you do?  besides, I'm a patient person.

These two girls comes in and ask about getting their snow tires put on.  (Okay, it is usually at this point that the women I tell this story to, go "oh yah", cause they already know what's coming).  The young guy at the counter says that he can do theirs shortly, so I'm thinking they must be catching up and I must be next.  A few minutes later, he tells the girls they can bring their car around back.  I jump up and say, how can that be?  I have been waiting here for 2 1/2 hours!  I made an appointment 2 days ago!  If anybody is next, I think it should be me!  How can people that walk in off the street a few minutes ago get in before I do?  And what about the people that have been sitting around waiting as well?  I'm going to freak out I tell them.

Well, there is a bit of a shuffling of paper, and some fake looking at the appointment book.  But they are not getting off that easy.  I reiterate everything I say, then surprise, I get in next.  When paying, the owner (older guy) tells me that there was some confusion about whether my tires were on rims or not.   Give me a effing break, if it were important you would have asked 2 effing days ago, not mention it because you've had 20 minutes to try to come up with some utterly stupid justification for your unprofessional behavior!!


  1. Words simply cannot express how I SO totally related to this experience. Usually, these guys are may-be a bit more subtle, but not by much.

    Side note: Are you on Twitter? Would love to follow. Thanks!

  2. Hi! Nice to know I'm not the only one, but I'm at the age to not care what I say (within reason), and thinking back I realized that the women I was sitting with (1 older and 1 younger) did nothing, and I still wonder if they would have said something or continued to sit and sit and ...

    And yes, I am on Twitter, as militantmommy, I think I follow you already

  3. Ah, memory lapse. Of course, and we happily follow you, too.

    That's the unfortunate part. SO many women just accept second class treatment. SO wrong and just perpetuates the problem. Thanks for opening up such an interesting conversation.