single mom advice about swearing

There has been some swearing around here, and it hasn't been me.  I do get to hear a lot of descriptive words that I would rather not hear from my little darling, yet every so often, I swear that I hear a swear word.  Then again, I sometimes believe that I am hearing the F-word during food commercials, so I know that I am not hearing everything as clear as possible.  But I'm sure that my two boys are swearing around their friends, and I'm sure they are swearing quietly to each other, but I don't really need to hear it for myself.

Yet across the street from me is another teenage boy who swears a lot.  And it is not by accident like us adults when we stub our toe, he is accenting the swear words only in his sentence, and trying to pass them off as injury-induced swear words.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I live in a government housing unit, which for the most part is a good place to live.  Housing has different rules than regular rental units.  Tenants can actually be evicted for "disturbing the quiet enjoyment of other tenants".

So this morning, yet another teenage boy was visiting the one across the street, and he has now graduated to the loud swearing habit.  I got to hear F.U. approximately 10 times, one right after the other over the period of 30 seconds.

If my kids were still little, I'd be really mad. 

A month ago, new neighbors across the road moved in, what is supposed to be a single mom with three kids.  Yet there is a man there a lot, of which I may not have noticed except for the swearing coming from this man.  He is getting in the vehicle with his spouse and has a baby in a carry seat, and he his saying something about "being the only F-ing person that does any F-ing work around here".  How cute.  This week, his 7 year old daughter is in the front seat of the truck waiting for him while he is in the driveway, and she accidentally hits the power door locks.  Then I get to hear him say "open the F-ing doors right now". 

So what the hell is going on here?  I can tolerate people swearing, I've let out a serious series of swear words myself.  I don't like to hear kids swearing, they actually sound really stupid, but it's not my kids yelling it, so who cares?  But what is going through the mind of this man that is swearing at his little girl?  Over a stupid little thing like the door locks?

I did report this man to management.  And because he is not really supposed to be living there, the complaint was issued against the mom, because she is responsible for her company and their behavior.
I can't stop him from being verbally abusive towards his wife and daughter, but I can do my part to report him. 


  1. My girls are 5 and 7 and I'm still very careful with the words that I use around them (though I do drop the F-bomb a fair amount when they're NOT around). Even though I do it myself, I think that swearing is lazy and unimaginative and makes people sound terrible. I want my children to understand that words are important, they hold weight, and that people will judge them based on the language that they use. It's hard to teach your children NOT to swear if you're doing it around them all the time...

  2. Absolutely! I totally agree. It is lazy and unimaginative and does sound terrible, that's a good description for it.

  3. At young age they shouldn't be using those words but some parents just allowed that and I'm glad that there are still good parents out there.

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  4. Takes a village they say. Just trying to do my little part, looking out for all kids and hoping it helps.

  5. We knew the day would come when we'd have to control ourselves better--we don't use any of the nastiness you mentioned, but even our mild profanity bounces back from my 5 year old and makes me shudder. Proof that you never stop growing, if you look for opportunities...